Terms and conditions

General: 1. You must have photo ID to verify age for alcohol consumption. 2. Service of alcohol may be refused to persons deemed intoxicated. 3. All venues reserve the right to refuse entry. 4. Out and About will not be held liable if some, or all, of your group are refused entry to any venue. 5. Out and About is not responsible for the behaviour or actions of staff at the venues we visit. 6. Out and About will not be responsible for any damage to persons, property or buses. It will require those customers involved and the organiser to cover any costs incurred due to negligent, reckless or irresponsible actions or behaviour. 7. Smoking is not permitted on our vehicles or inside any buildings we visit. 8. The buses and venues are to be kept in a reasonably clean condition. Where they aren't, at Out and Abouts' option, you agree to pay a cleaning fee of an amount to be determined by Out and About. 9. Although unexpected, menus can change without notice. 10. Out and About cannot be held responsible if major incidents prevent us from arriving on time. 11. Photos taken on the tour may be used in our gallery and social media. 12. Pick up location will be confirmed at least 24 hours prior to tour departure. We accept no responsibility for passengers missing our tour if pick up location is changed and we are not advised. 13. Customers who do not arrive on time run the risk of being left behind as buses will not wait for "latecomers". Out and About will not be responsible for passengers leaving pick up locations if our vehicles are not present at the scheduled time, or for anyone who is left behind at any stage of the tour and no refunds will be provided for passengers who miss any part of, or all, of the tour. 14. No glass bottles, drinks or food are allowed on the bus. 15. Wineries do not have BYO licences therefore you may not bring your own alcohol for consumption with your picnic lunch, BYO lunch, or BBQ. 16. No purchases from one venue are allowed to be taken off the bus and into the other venues visited on the day of the tour. 17. Intoxicated or disruptive people or anyone that's involved in a fight will not be let into the bus/will be removed from the bus – no refunds. These people will be required to catch a taxi home at their own expense. 18. The host reserves the right to make changes to the itinerary on the day of the tour, upon consultation with the group organiser. 19. Non offensive dress is required. Novelty items, fancy dress or paraphernalia of a sexual nature are banned from all tours. 20. Out and About will not permit any overloading of any vehicle above the specified number allowed. 21. Whilst unexpected, the type and/or size of vehicle and/or operators may change without notice depending on availability. 22. Out and About is not liable for any mechanical issues that may occur with the buses on the tour. 23. Out and About will not be liable for any items that are lost, damaged or stolen during the tour. 24. Follow the instructions of your host at all times. 25. Use pedestrian crossings or lights if you need to cross roads. 26. Always stay seated while in the bus, keep head and limbs inside the bus at all times. 27. Passenger exclusion. 27.1 Any passenger may be excluded from the tour, if their behaviour is reasonably deemed by Out and About as unacceptable, including: (a) passenger appears intoxicated; (b) passenger consumes, or appears to have consumed, alcohol on vehicle; (c) passenger endangers others; (d) passenger at any time smokes on the vehicle; (e) passenger appears affected by a dependant drug, or illegal substance; (f) passenger is offensive, intimidating, or aggressive to others, including passengers, staff and public; (g) passenger engages in fight; (h) behaviour that could damage the vehicle, or property; or (i) behaviour that could damage the reputation of Out and About. 27.2 Passengers excluded from the tour, pursuant to clause 27.1, will not receive a refund and will be required to catch a taxi home at their own expense. 27.3 Out and About may cancel the tour at any time, if (a) the behaviour of five (5) (or more) passengers would permit Out and About to exclude them from the tour, pursuant to clause 27.1; or (b) the circumstances reasonably justify cancelation. 27.4 No refunds will be issued to any of the passengers on the tour if the tour is cancelled. Passengers will be required to catch a taxi home at their own expense. 28. Promotions may change without notice and/or may not be available. All conditions on promotions apply when they are to be redeemed.

BBQ lunch, Provide your own lunch, or Picnic lunch: 1. It's the guest's responsibility to ensure they stay away from any hot or potentially dangerous equipment. Out and About cannot take any responsibility for any damage to property or persons caused by non compliance. 2. When lunching outdoors, we accept no responsibility for weather conditions that prevent lunch - no refunds.

Mailing List

1. SPAM ACT: Agreeing to our terms and conditions is taken as consent for your details, including your email and mobile, to be on our contacts list, to receive information about our services from time to time. You can reply to our messages with the word REMOVE, or STOP, to be taken off our contacts list.


1. A deposit, of 20% or as per the quote, is required to confirm your booking date. 2. Deposit can be made by cash, bank cheque, money order, credit card (Visa and MasterCard: 3% credit card charge), direct bank deposit or cheque. Cheques and direct bank deposits must be cleared (allow 4 working days for cheques to clear) before your deposit is considered paid. 3. Final payment is based on final numbers, which are required to be provided to Out and About 8 days before you tour (or earlier, at Out and About's discretion, e.g. where the date the final number is required falls on a public holiday, or weekend). 4. Final payment can be made prior to the day using the above deposit payment methods (to be in our account and cleared, at least 3 working days before your tour), or on the day by cash, bank cheque or money order. 5. Where a bond is required, final payment is required prior to the day using the above deposit payment methods (to be in our account and cleared, at least 3 working days before your tour). 6. Where final payment has not been received when required, Out and About reserves the right to cancel your booking. 7. Where your making final payment on the day, it must be received on the day, prior to the buses departure from the pickup point.

Bookings and Prices

1. You must be at least 18 years old to make a booking. By making a booking with Out and About you accept these terms and conditions and accept this is a binding contract between you and Out and About. Further, you agree to convey these Terms and Conditions, prior to the event, to all guests and/or associated entities. 2. All prices are in Australian currency and include Goods and Services Tax. 3. Prices quoted on the website are subject to change without notice. 4. Prices are calculated on customer numbers and if customer numbers alter, the price per person is subject to change. However, regardless of the actual numbers that you have on the day, the quoted amount, based on final numbers confirmed with Out and About prior to the day of your tour, needs to be paid. 5. At Out and Abouts' option, you agree to provide your credit card details to secure your booking. You further authorise Out and About to charge this card, to compensate for wilful damage to buses and property, cleaning of buses and venues, where they haven't been left in a reasonable state and losses incurred, or likely to be incurred, by actions, or in-actions, including behaviour damaging to our reputation. 6. At Out and Abouts' option, you agree to pay a bond of an amount determined by Out and About. The bond must be paid 3 working days prior to the tour and where it hasn't, the tour is cancelled and for the avoidance of doubt, Out and About will retain the deposit. Out and About will repay the bond, subject to the conditions specified by Out and About (including wilful damage to buses and property, cleanliness of buses and venues and losses incurred, or likely to be incurred, by actions, or in-actions, including behaviour damaging to our reputation), to your nominated account, within 5 working days of the event. 7. Any extra guests on the day, depending on capacity, will need to be paid for on the day, in accordance with our payment terms. 8. Changes after we have issued your itinerary will incur an administration fee. 9. Tasting fees are paid for by Out and About. But the quoted price may change if there are any specific wineries you want to visit.

Cancellation/Refund Policy

1. Our office must be advised by telephone (+61 3 9882 8630) of any cancellation or amendment to a booking. 2. No refunds will be given for "no shows" on the day. 3. Less than 7 days, not refundable. 7 days or more, not refundable, but fully transferable.

Out & About Definition

1. Out & About is Out and About ABN 78628928844, of PO Box 999, Hawthorn VIC 3122.

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